JBCRG contributes to the public welfare by improving outcomes in breast cancer.

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We have updated 2013 Conferende Presentation (9 June, 2013)

We have updated 2011 publication page (16 November, 2011)

We have updated 2010 publication page (31 January, 2011)

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We are soliciting donations from organizations and individuals who wish to support our activities.
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E-mail: office@jbcrg.jp


5th JBCRG Annual Meeting

(22 July, 2014)

5th JBCRG Annual Meeting has sucessfuly ended as follow, thank you very much for your attendance;

Time and date  :  Am9:00 - Pm2:30, August 31, Sunday 2014

Place : PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center 5F ROOM_501,Kanagawa Japan

Award by "Japanese Journal of Breast Cancer, Nyuugan no Rinsho ".

(27 March, 2014)

We are pleased to report that the following paper has been awarded the Excellence Award by "Japanese Journal of Breast Cancer, Nyuugan no Rinsho ".

 "Clinical Significance of ypT0/isypN0 as Pathologic Complete Response
-A Pooled Analysis of JBCRG-01, JBCRG-02, and JBCRG-03-"
co-author :Kuroi K, Toi M, Ohno S, Nakamura S, Iwata H, Masuda N, Sato N, Tsuda H, Kurosumi M, Akiyama F.


Thank you very much to all of you who cooperated in this study.

JBCRG-04(CREATE-X) trial Joint-meeting

(6 March, 2014)

JBCRG-04(CREATE-X) trial Joint-meeting has sucessfuly ended as follow, thank you very much for your attendance;

Date  :  February 21, Friday 2014

Place :  Room Yamashiro in the Westin Miyako Kyoto

JBCRG Nagoya Branch opened

(10 February, 2014)

JBCRG opened a branch office in Nagoya from January 6, 2014.First of all, we will start working as a coordinating office of the PENELOPE study,a global investigator sponsored clinical trial currently in preparation.
Nagoya Branch:
2-10-13-1B Jiyugaoka, Chikusa-ku Nagoya-shi, Tokyo 464-0044, Japan

JBCRG-17TR(Translational Research) Trial has Kicked-off

(6 February, 2014)

JBCRG-17TR Trial Started.

Translational research for JBCRG-17(Efficacy study of sequential therapy with anthracycline, taxane, and eribulin in patients with HER2-negative locally advanced breast cancer)

JBCRG-17TR Principal Investigator :
Yoshio Miki
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research Department of Genetic Diagonosis Cancer Institute

Yoshinori Ito
Breast Medical Oncology, Breast Oncology Center, Cancer Institute Hospital, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research

JBCRG-17 Principal Investigator :
Norikazu Masuda
Dept, of Surgery, Breast Oncology, Unit Osaka National Hospital


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